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Monday, April 02, 2012

Peplum fever hits Singapore! Thanks to a constant stream of buys from H&M by HumptyDump

Peplums, once an accent to adorn women's hips to indicate fertility, are now flooding runways. To think we had a good laugh when a friend put one on back in 2010, insinuating that this look was meant for jobs in the circus. We actually have to eat our own words now. What drives this? And is it for everyone? We girls feel that in general, this look seems to suit the long and mean but who care about fashion rules anymore. For an in-depth look at the evolution of peplums, look no further than Emerson Fashion Society. 

Here's our take on what looks good (sorry missies, only classy outfits. No trash please)

Source: Emerson Fashion Society

Source: Harper's Bazaar

Source: Unknown
Source: ASOS
Source: ASOS
Source: ASOS

Source: White Bison via Emerson Fashion Society

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