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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the aristocratic beauty - Stella Tennant

It's really amazing Ms Tennant looks this good in the Zara SS 11 campaign. First saw her in the AW10 Ferragamo campaign and was struck by her androgynous qualities. (See pic at bottom of this post). Despite being a mother of 2, she looked effortless in hopefully, very little make-up in the ad, yet exuded a certain grace and steely determination. Sometimes humptydump thinks its in the eyes. The image evoked a lazy morning in an English manor, with the protagonists taking their prized steed for a walk in the expanse of privately-owned land, inherited and reeking of old money. What say you?

Zara SS 11 - cannot wait to try this combi

humptydump thinks this is a little too skinny
Stella Tennant for Ferragamo - AW10

Saturday, March 19, 2011

humptydump's DIY, we are so in love with fabric pom-poms!

humptydump is so inspired by The Vamoose's fabric pom-pom necklaces that we are going to try making them. Ambitious indeed... There are several ways to do this. click on the link below each picture for the how-to. stay tuned for results...
Martha Stewart Weddings
From alethaisraels
From marthastewartweddings

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Humptydump x POPIN at LASALLE College of the Arts - See you there!

Humptydump is so excited! Somebody in Singapore is finally working to get the crafty folks together! to commemorate this occasion, we contributed our little humble 1m by 1m flaglet, which will hopefully be sewn together with the rest by other craft-folks for the POPIN tea party. A little about our work: entirely hand-sewn handkerchiefs used by uncles in Singapore, it is a tribute to old times and how we lose our innocence over time. Remember we used to draw houses in this style when we were young?

We love our house, and our garden, and our pond, and the trees, and the apples and the sun!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

All of Humptydumps' glove dolls... - introducing Tod, Dot and Blinky

Tod, Dot and Blinky love hanging out at our artificial terrarium garden, like 3 English ladies, only in this case, 3 Englishmen.

From left, Mr Tod, Mr Dot and Mr Blinky

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Genius of Martin Margiela - Accessories :: SS 2011

enough said. plexiglass, wood, brass
and this is a necklace. silk
while this is a brooch. silk
Bracelet. Brass, silk, polyurethane.

Monday, March 07, 2011

The Eames DSW

humptydump stumbled upon the Eames DSW  (Dining Height Side Chair Wood) at the beautiful SPRUCE restaurant and were amazed at its level of comfort and design.

Charles & Ray Eames, 1950
Eames Plastic Side Chair is a contemporary version of the legendary Fiberglass Chair. It was produced in collaboration with Zenith Plastics for the Museum of Modern Art in New York's Low-Cost Furniture Design Competition and was the first industrially manufactured plastic chair.
a little more about the DSW here. If you are in Singapore, buy at XTRA 

Sunday, March 06, 2011

the revenge of the Dr. Scholl clogs! humptydump's weird predictions

we at humptydump are always strike by sudden inspiration, like a bolt of lightning on a clear day. this time, we predict that Dr. Scholl clogs will be staging a come-back this summer. Albeit retro-looking, they add a 70s vibe to any sundress. What's there not to like about this: House-wifey but so feminine, elongates the legs as it shows more skin, not so in your face as gladiators, and gives you instant height without killing your feet. yummy. and they are already infiltrating cotton-on stores. be inspired. perfect for a langourous afternoon. get the white ones before they disappear!

see what we mean? from Hypeed
perfect for a sunday brunch

toody. a little garden glove doll

Toody is a kind soul at heart. really.

toody wrapped in her own little package
just a touch of naivety

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

humptydump prowls haji lane and is proud to present ASSEMBLAGE

3 March 2011 - Haji Lane - Many think of this as a has-been, once a haven for too-cool-for-school folks, now clogged with shisha bars. Humptydump is out to prove this wrong. Move over, over-priced vintage wear shops, look out for ASSEMBLAGE and OHM MANI, our secret addresses for reasonably priced (S$59-S$79) vintage dresses. The sweetness is in the revenge when you finally locate these 2 shops, which are on the second floor of old dilapidated shophouses. A clue: Assemblage is just a floor above VIJITRA, another cool shop which stocks Thai-designer stuff while OHM MANI is just a stone's throw away from SALAD. Find them now! More proof below, see for yourselves, we are not lying. Fashion is not dead.

we were spoilt for choice
Prints and more prints. all vintage
a closer look
shhh... dont tell anyone
the dress we were so close to owning
modern fabrics need not apply
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