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Sunday, July 25, 2010

K-Ki at Ann Siang

These are those hole-in-the-wall-gems at Ann Siang. Thank god they have more sign boards now. Lovely cakes (a must-try: the strawberry tart) baked fresh from the sweestest and juiciest strawberries around, fragrant vanilla cream and the sweetest pastry tart. Thanks Delphi, for giving us ample notice about the new batch of freshly baked tarts. Thank god we made it in time, it was all worth the wait. Address: 7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069791.Tel: 6225 6650;Open 12pm - 7pm (Sun to Fri);12pm - 4pm (Sat) Closed on Mondays

Monday, July 19, 2010

humptydump has got lovely wristlets on sale!

One of us humptydumps made these lovely wristlets.They have all been sold.
Just email with the name of the wristlet if you want them.

Above: SOLD 'Bejewelled' S$29 (5 inches/18cm long)
done on a whimsy and perfect for tai tais. There is the faux sapphire, crystal and the ultimate faux peacock. bits of stainless steel, doll-house jewellery and a found peacock charm
Above: SOLD 'Cornflakes' S$29 (5 inches/18 cm long)
And you thought my name would be snowflakes. Made of stainless steel, I don't rust easily and love being unconventional and quirky. 
Above: SOLD 'Imagine' S$29 (5 inches/18 cm long)
Let your imagination run wild. Remember the time when you use to hanker after the carousel, hoping to ride on your favourite pony? Relive your childhood over and over again with this charmer
Above: SOLD 'Mount Fuji' S$29 (5 inches/18 cm long)
I want to scale the highest mountains, swim the deep blue seas. Black and bronze steel chains with a found pendant made from bits of shell, a lost bird and the odd snow flake
 Above: SOLD 'Altered States' S$29 (5 inches/18 cm long)
Unusual combination of glass beads, costume jewellery ups the bag-lady chic factor.
Above: SOLD 'Clockwork' S$29 (5 inches/18 cm long)
'Won't it be nice if the clock stops perpetually at 9pm on a Friday?' says the cuckoo bird. Watching the time has never been so idyllic. Brass and bronze steel chains intertwined and locked in place with a ball-bearing clasp
  Above: SOLD 'Over The Top' S$29 (5 inches/18 cm long)
And you thought you have one-too-many charms. This takes it all. What with a porcelain vintage pendant and childhood playtoys, this takes you back to a time when things were simpler and life more carefree.
Above: SOLD 'Push the envelope' S$29 (5 inches/18 cm long)
Bling bling. 'nuf said.

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