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Monday, May 21, 2012

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, elevating the status of animated gifs

Stumbled upon the work of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, who often toil for hours to edit such enigmatic images that evoke Edward Hopper, timelessness and yet never losing the quality of a still. To think that all we thought of gifs were unfunny 2D cartoons. This is what we call toil and dedication.

For a take on how you can make your own animated gifs, try

All gifs copyright of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. 

New York Fashion Week. Source: Cinemagraphs
Louboutins/The Dress, cleverly brought into focus. Source: Cinemagraphs
Capturing the passing of a ruffle. Source: Cinemagraphs
'The Neverending Commute'. Source: Cinemagraphs
'Meet me at the bar'. Source: Cinemagraphs

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Olympia Le-Tan Clutches vs Kate Spade Book Clutches

The alternative to limited Kate Spade book clutches, here comes Olympia Le-Tan. Humps did some research and found out that these coveted bags sell for a whopping S$1850! But for the workmanship, ingenuity and attention to details, this is well worth the investment. By comparison, Kate Spade is a steal. In case you need the address, the nearest fly zone you can catch it is in Hongkong, the i.t. group of stores do stock some. 

Source: Olympia Le-Tan. Price: 1140 Euro, approximately SGD$1850. Order here
Source: Olympia Le-Tan. Price: 1140 Euro. Order here. 
Lending a literary note to celebrities. Source: Harper's Bazaar
The more pocket-friendly alternative. Pride and Prejudice Book Clutch from Kate Space.
Retail Price: Approximately SGD$413. Seasonal.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Aalto Vase - A Timeless Finnish Icon

Humptydump received this beautifully designed object as a wedding gift some years back and have never looked back. While cleaning this prized possession one day, it suddenly struck us how this vase has always been so unobtrusive and humble in its beauty. Inspired by the form of a dress, it has ironically never earned Alvar Aalto, its Finnish designer, any monetary gains, despite its almost iconic status in present day.

all rights reserved to humptydump for above image

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