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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stricken by Roman Dresses

We are going through a Byzantine phase. The Columbia Pictures logo has always fascinated us at the opening of movies. The Romanesque dress conveyed both grace and strength, and embodies the modern woman. Yet the dress has always meant to be functional, and was deemed an easy dress to wear and make. Such contradiction and amazing qualities of the Roman dress fascinates designers to no end as season after season, we see reincarnations of it in breath-takingly ethereal designs from Bottega, Marchesca, Vera, Valentino or Lanvin. Seeing is believing. 

Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures
Bottega Veneta
Picture courtesy of Femino

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our very own homemade clock - completed in less than 10 min!

humptydump made this in just over 10 minutes and the project cost less than SGD20. Inspiration from CreativeJewishMum.

Materials Required
A screwdriver (optional really, if you have nimble fingers)
A beautiful paper plate (we found ours at IKEA at around 10 for $5.90)
Some cut-outs of pictures you like (again, this is optional if your plate is already beautiful enough or if you want to keep things simple. we recycled an old Dworkin cartoon calendar)
Most importantly, a clock kit from Art Friend (Click here for locations in Singapore. We bought ours at the Ngee Ann City store). It costs around $15.90 per kit and instructions on how to fit the parts are easy to follow.
An AA Battery (on stand-by. We are pretty sure you can't wait to kickstart your very own homemade clock)

Poke a hole through the centre of the plate using the shaft supplied in the clock kit.
Follow the rest of the instructions at the back of the clock kit. Its that easy.

In case you would like to customise one for a loved one, contact us at 92274074 (Agnes). We will be glad to help.

Have fun!
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