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Sunday, January 30, 2011

'Its a rainy day and its great to sleep in,' Flo said. we love our glove dolls

Flo is sitting by the window today. She loves rainy days. its perfect for snuggling into the warm blanket, hearing the rain drops like a never-ending waterfall and reminding you of beautiful raincoats. its grey skies all over again! and it calms Flo down.

barn the grouchy owl - a weird brooch from the humptydumps

barn the owl closes his eyes but listens intently to jazz, sounds, noise and prey.
Entirely handmade from bits of felt, thread, knots and brooch pin.

backside of Barn - S$12.90 (one piece only)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

abandoned playgrounds in singapore ... poignant images

Once upon a time, humptydump played on these stone figures, concrete floors all out to give you a giant bump on the head should you fall. the stone figures look like birds, yet are not; look like dragons, yet dont fly. who cares, we just want to climb on them, make up our own adventures and run in abandonment the whole afternoon! whoppee!
'The Dragon' wished we had one, complete with real sand! From Justin.Z
thanks to Justin Z
From SGClub. Pasir Ris Park, Singapore
Changi Village, Singapore. From pictureswithoutpermission
Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore. From Vincent's Travel Journal

Thursday, January 27, 2011

sometimes Phoebe speaks to us...introducing our latest garden-glove doll

Phoebe reaches out to us in strange ways. her eyes may just be buttons but when you look into them, you can almost see a small twinkle and spot your own reflection, as if she knows. she really does care, though she may be a new-born, just days old. you know, we think our toys have souls, kind, cheeky, mischievous souls.
Phoebe sits on a big white couch
Phoebs smiling at the camera

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Glove doll - Jessie

Glove doll - Frisbie

Sold - Glove doll - Milkshake

how to rock a tulle skirt - humptydump gets inspired!

humptydump bought a few tulle skirts just yesterday and cant wait to wear them! it may be post-party season and not a time for fancy frocks and undergarments but we guess, with style, you can carry off this look too! Try it now or we may be too old to do so soon!
wear it edgy-sweet ala Carrey Mulligan. From
lovely interpretation from fashion is spinach
Aternative opaques and translucents. from the glamourai
try it with mary-janes and a singlet
girlish charm with a cropped cardigan
tuck it in, elongate your legs with wedges

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Beauty of The Hand-made Object

We do not profess to be artisans of heritage pieces. But as we toiled, we realised that none of our dolls look the same, even if we used a photo image of the original piece. As we laboured night and day, hand-made took on a different meaning. It made us become acutely aware of how each turn of the fingers, an extra knot and stitch or a different shade of black for the eyes, can in turn yield so much difference in the final product. Every doll took on a life of its own, as though the constant contact with each little cotton body, stuffed with the softest balls of polyester, had been infused with emotions as we worked tirelessly at each of our handmade dolls. Out of curiosity, I googled 'beauty of the handmade' and found this beautiful article by Eric Cullerton, which would be our impetus to keep going, to keep making.

Glove dolls - Mint

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