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Monday, November 29, 2010

Cloud gazing

The Pioneers - Glove and sock dolls

Hii.. we are created out of the ordinary socks and garden gloves.

All of us have found our owners Yipiiiee!!! We have also made new friends along the way. They are Minky, Melissa, Puff, Marble, Twisty, Pip, Royal, Cream, and Blunny who was customised for a girl who likes blue.

Floppy, Boxy, Sally, Oreo, Stripey, Polo, Chalk

Canvas bag sold seperately








Inspired by lace collars

Lace necklace

Sunday, November 28, 2010

humptydumps' beloved toys from childhood

dream pets - modern toys made the old-school way with wires propping the arms. more  here
asked mum where she bought this prickly furry rabbit from and she replied, 'Its from an old shopping complex in Katong.'
the little red riding hood. retold simply with 4 flips of the bibs, ingenious and keeps a child's enraptured for years. Vintage cloth doll from the 80s.

Hi, guess our names...

Thursday, November 04, 2010

humptydump is going crazy with terrariums!

top view of preservation glass jar terrarium. order here

close-up of terrarium in preservation bottle (approx 10 cm in height) S$30
terrariums madness with preservation jars (with orange caps) and vintage glass jars
terrarium with reindeer and vintage glass jar
top view of terrarium with toadstool decoration and preservation jar with lever

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