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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Tribute to Grace Coddington - the visionnaire - creative director - VOGUE

humptydump finally got down to watching The September Issue. Often we thought fashion is fluff, made up of nothing but a group of folks who are trapped in their own world, superficial and are worshippers of fashion as if it is a religion. Grace Coddington turned this idea on its head. Despite the whirlwind on the run-up to every issue of VOGUE, the creative director holds true to the vision of combining art and fashion, that fashion can be art and vice versa. She stabilises and holds fort, without wavering. Thank you Grace, for blowing our minds with every fashion shoot, one at a time, and for reminding us of timelessness.
December 2009 VOGUE. Styled by Grace Coddington. From StyleFrizz
Styled by Grace Coddington. The last-minute shoot.
such vision.
December VOGUE. Immaculate styling.
The idea of a story in a shoot. groundbreaking.

From filthygorgeousfashion

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