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Saturday, February 26, 2011

SS 2011 Trend :: Clashing Prints :: Wear polka dots, stripes and fluorescents in 1 outfit today!

humptydump is so inspired by Prada's Spring Summer 2011 campaign. What ever happened to good-girl rules of not having clashing contrasting prints and making sure there is only 1 print element on any 1 outfit? to hell with all the rules! Hooray! Love the Josephine Baker hairstyles and the Modigliani-inspired emphasis on extending the body. See it for yourself and feel free to challenge us if you disagree, we love it!


Dries van Noten

wear it with attitude and you can carry off ANYTHING.  From whatednawouldsay
Marc Jacobs SS 2011

If we could do it in the 60s why not now? Biba from luciemarquis
its amazing how everything comes together.  Marni from iheartyouroutfit

Monday, February 21, 2011

cath is such a girl! another glove doll hot off the oven

humptydump's at it again. Cath may seem lovely and sweet but looks can be deceiving. She loves scouring playgrounds, roughing it out at mangroves and is as hardy as boys her age. Then yet again, she can also be the girl-next-door. What do you think?

and we think Cath is soooo lovely...

Cath poses circa 60s - the 'fan' look

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Tribute to Grace Coddington - the visionnaire - creative director - VOGUE

humptydump finally got down to watching The September Issue. Often we thought fashion is fluff, made up of nothing but a group of folks who are trapped in their own world, superficial and are worshippers of fashion as if it is a religion. Grace Coddington turned this idea on its head. Despite the whirlwind on the run-up to every issue of VOGUE, the creative director holds true to the vision of combining art and fashion, that fashion can be art and vice versa. She stabilises and holds fort, without wavering. Thank you Grace, for blowing our minds with every fashion shoot, one at a time, and for reminding us of timelessness.
December 2009 VOGUE. Styled by Grace Coddington. From StyleFrizz
Styled by Grace Coddington. The last-minute shoot.
such vision.
December VOGUE. Immaculate styling.
The idea of a story in a shoot. groundbreaking.

From filthygorgeousfashion

Friday, February 18, 2011

humptydump digs cloche hats, spells chic without the screams

humptydump fell in love with the cloche hats from Lizarietz at Etsy. So french, so chic, so flapper. what can we probably wear it with? oooh... the endless possibilities.... the article from vintageindie further convinced humptydump that with their bob hair, this is the perfect look
wear it covering your ears and with lots of attitude, like you have owned it all your life. wear it with feminine grace
show off your curls and wavy hair. you will never have a bad hair day again
its modern. basically this means WEAR IT WITH ANYTHING!. From The Style Bitches

need more reasons to buy the cloche hat? think no more

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

our goodness gracious us - embracing the immaculate woman - Go behind the scenes: Ad Campaign for Louis Vuitton

humptydump saw the print ads in so many fashion rag mags during the cooler months and were blown away by the flawless makeup and gorgeous styling. It made us covet decadent luxury, wealth and all its trappings. Shallow probably, but we dont care. We want EVERYTHING. At this point, we must qualify we arent huge fans of Louis Vuitton, but this is an exception.

Louis Vuitton
Season: Fall/Winter 2010
Models: Christy Turlington, Karen Elson, Natalia Vodianova
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Stylisht: Karl Templer
Hair: Guido
Makeup: Pat McGrath

more and more glove dolls! a tribute to a feisty lady

a dear friend keeps pushing our creative limits and we love it! Olga is a tribute to a lovely lady who was way ahead of her time. Check out her 60s' bike helmet and those goggles. and guess what, she reads Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance! Love her kick-ass attitude.

reminds us of brainy smurf, only much cuter :P

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Please meet Antoinette, she is very shy - a timid lil' bunny glove doll

Antoinette loves a good read, but she's rather shy. Look into the doe eyes. She looks at you earnestly, and pleads with you to be her friend. A little timid, a little scared, but so adorable. she hates being alone, and would rather be with her green friends.

Antoinette got too close to the camera

Sunday, February 13, 2011

the haute couture mastro: Valentino Garavani - a review of the Valentino Retrospective Past/Present/Future Exhibition

Humptydump has never professed to be a student of fashion, but we stood in awe as we gazed upon showcase after showcase of haute-couture, many of them painstakingly hand-stitched with the tiniest of beads, exquisite lace-work, perfect cutting and generally very inspirational silhouettes, embroidery and sumptuous fabrics.

Considering that this is the only Asian stop (humptydump is still wondering why), the lengthy hike up to Resorts World Sentosa is well worth the trip. 100 pieces of exquisite haute couture pieces from Valentino, beautifully curated, even for the most ill-informed fashionista, was on display in all its grandeur, albeit the too-dim-at-times lighting.

Exquisite work

Ingenious panel work
The Valentino 'Red'

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

omg, thought models look great? look again

how we love low heels :: love, love. - Humptydump

and we thought the whole world is dominated by sky-high stilettoes. The low heels are having the last laugh as lady-like 60s fashion takes centrestage. Low heels rock! (and they dont kill). notice they are still sensual, without the OTT sex appeal. We can go on and on expounding the virtues and appeal of the low heel but nothing beats seeing it for yourselves to be convinced. 

Get ready to drool. and that is not all, find great low heels without looking like your grand-aunt at Hue, an under-the-radar shoes and accessories shop at #01-12 Raffles City Shopping Centre, tel +65 63345612. They import the most beautiful shoes from Italy, from the likes of Unisa, RAS, Pura Lopez and Malu, great, well-made shoes and most importantly, they are a dream to wear. say goodbye to painful balls and heel cramps. be succumbed.

Team it up with anything knee-length for that carefree, girlish and feminine vibe

And humptydump totally disagrees with The Fashion Rehab about this advertising campaign. Read more here
wear it with a knee-length skirt, a-la Mad Men
Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. Totally feminine and oh-so-alluring
Pair it with a feminine girlish dress for a day out, or go andro
More ideas. Marc Jacobs with the 60s look - Spring 2008
like Style Bubble with rolled-up loose pants
more lady-like options and colours. From

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