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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Desk 51 from Bludot

This amazing desk, so streamlined and effortless, yet contradicting with it's uneasy legs which suggests the tendency that the desk has to lean against something for it to balance itself. Yet it need not. Love it! See it at

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Tiffany-inspired ring pillow for a special couple.

Humptydump sewed this in all of one week, and nearly killed ourselves in the process. Materials include cording, a Christmas decoration, Tiffany-colour cloth (approximately 20cm by 20cm) and lots of patience. Sold at S$30. See another one of our gingham creations here. Sorry guys, we dont make lacy kitschy traditional pillows. Yucks those, and we are not apologetic for it. Here's to you Nic! Lovely Martha Stewart ones here too!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

H&M comes to Singapore!

Fashion-starved Singaporeans often steal a short flight out to the nearest H&M stocked country, Hong Kong. Now that this Swedish store has finally landed on our shores, does this spell the dearth of high-street stores in Singapore? Top-shop, Abercrombie, Gap, Uniqlo, these have all opened up in a country known more for its hoity-toity political landscape and inscrutable laws than a shopping haven. 

It is without a doubt that H&M fills the gap between over-priced high-street Zara and hitting-rock-bottom Mango, and that inevitably creates a niche that drives us Singaporeans into a frenzy. But how long will this last before we crave for the next masstige brand? Perhaps its time we look at creating individual style than let labels dictate us and define who we are? Still, I am succumbing to the beautifully-styled ads and as we are writing this, heading out to join everyone in the H&M vortex. Who can resist a $99.90 MARNI look-alike? arrrrgggh. We hate ourselves.

Interior of H and M featuring the Commes des Garcons collaboration. Photo courtesy of WWD

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